Payment Policy

In yogic philosophy, we learn that when we receive we should also give to maintain the energetic balance of the exchange. Following our free trial period, we ask users to pay a recurring monthly subscription fee of $9.99 per month. This helps us to add additional content, support the Kundalini Research Institute and other nonprofit organizations, cover maintenance costs, add functionality, and compensate our founders and partners. 

When the trial period expires, a prompt will appear to walk you through the subscription process.

However, we are committed to making these teachings available to everyone who wants them. While we expect that, for most of our users, the value of our service will far outweigh the cost, we recognize that some users may not have the financial means to cover our monthly subscription. Therefore, we are willing to work with these users on an individual basis to ensure they too can have access to these teachings. If you can’t afford the price as listed, please contact us at

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