Segmented Breathing

There is a wide range of segmented breaths used in Kundalini Yoga kriyas. A segmented breath is defined by the inhalation and exhalation being divided into sections, in specific ratios. Each ratio gives a different effect. 

Some typical ratios for inhale, hold, exhale, hold are as follows:
  • 1:4:2:0
  • 4:16:2:0
  • 4:0:1:0
  • 1:8:1:8
As an example, examine the 4:0:1:0 ratio. This breath is used to heal oneself and to break depressions. You break the inhale into four equal sections. Each part is a quick, sniff-like inhale. Exhale in a single long stroke through the nose. It is important to focus on the flow of the breath and to keep the broken breath equally divided. 

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