Bound Lotus

This posture is not as basic as the previous ones. It is difficult for many people. If you can do it, it is an excellent asana for deep meditation and glandular balancing. Get into the full lotus position. Push the feet as far up the thighs as possible. Reach around the back with both arms and grasp the big toes. The right hand grasps the toes of the right foot; the left hand grasps the left. Press the fleshy part of the big toes with the thumbs for pituitary stimulation. The spine is arched forward. The chin is held in. Do not force yourself into this position. Work slowly to gain the flexibility you need and begin to practice for a few minutes each day. 

A variation of the posture can be achieved by relaxing the brow point down to the ground. This provides a deep healing for the nerves and the spine, but should be approached very cautiously and slowly. If you experience any pain in the knees or hips, come out of the posture and move more gradually towards this completed pose (using pillows or other props).

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