Neck Lock (Jalandhar Bandh)

The most basic lock used in Kundalini Yoga is Jalandhar Bandh, the Neck Lock. This lock is practiced by gently stretching the back of the neck straight and pulling the chin towards the back of the neck. Lift the chest and sternum and keep the muscles of the neck, throat, and face relaxed. The head stays level without tilting the chin down or forward. The spinal vertebrae in the neck straighten to allow the increased flow of pranic energy to travel freely into the upper glandular centers of the brain. This is critical.

In Kundalini Yoga kriyas, a vast energy is generated that produces psychic heat which opens the pranic nadis (channels) that may be blocked. When this opening happens, there can sometimes be a quick shift in blood pressure causing dizziness. Jalandhar Bandh regulates this phenomenon.

By applying this lock, the thyroid and parathyroid glands are stimulated which cause them to secrete optimally and activate the higher functions of the pituitary. If the lock is not applied, the breathing exercises can cause uncomfortable pressure in the eyes, ears, and hearing. It is a general rule to apply Jalandhar Bandh in all meditations unless otherwise specified. 

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